• Our Quality Analysis services team has worked on a wide variety of projects and platforms of all sizes. We are committed to realistically address software testing, prioritize and report defects, create test cases and integrate development schedule.

    We know QA plays a crucial role in Software development. We review statistical data to identify and eliminate the quality problems. We analyze and recommend changes to reduce the number of defects and improve quality level.

    Our QA team can prepare a comprehensive test plan and automated test cases and undertake black box, white box, unit, stress, integration, load, performance and regression testing. We have experience in testing and shipping web-based, desktop, Internet, database, enterprise, workflow, system level and productivity applications. We can adapt and test on multiple platforms, in different languages, with a large number of variables.

    We facilitate you to test smartly – with better planning by our techno savvy and skilled testers, with detailed reporting to make the most of your every dollar spent. Our aim is to help you for a reliable, defect free software release.

    Following are our offshore Application Development Services:

    • Unit testing
    • Sanity testing
    • White box testing
    • Black box testing
    • Code reviews
    • Integration testing
    • System integration
    • Functional testing
    • System testing
    • Stress and load testing
    • Performance testing
    • Network testing
    • Recovery testing
    • Install/uninstall testing
    • Compatibility testing
    • Regression testing
    • Usability testing
    • Alpha testing
    • Beta testing

    Contact us if you have any queries. Our experts will help you.