• Database is playing key role when it comes to web based applications. Most dynamic websites need custom database solutions for the back-end. Database driven web applications are becoming more and more popular in the business world. A database driven Intranet application provides more security and power to every company.

    Since high-quality database design is the basis of any database, experienced people are required in the automation process to plan the business objectives into its optimal level and a steady performance for a long time.

    Database Design Skill Sets

    • Database Designing
    • Database Optimization
    • Database Administration
    • Database Upgrades
    • Data Extraction Services
    • Data Conversion Services
    • Data Maintenance and Backup Services
    • Database Application Customization
    • Web Based Database Management
    • ASP Programming with MS SQL Server Integration
    • PHP Programming with mySQL Integration
    • SQL Server Database Design
    • MS Access Design and Programming
    • MS Access and SQL Server Integration
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